BTS: Critical Hits & Misses


From early on TSR had a couple of magazines they were publishing; one was Dragon, and the other was Dungeon.  In 1980 Dragon issue #38 released a set of tables for upping the stakes of critical hits and critical fails.  The table I use was based off this table, and expanded on and modified a little.  But now that 5e is out, it was time to update it.  I have been using these updated tables in Roll20 for a while now, but I decided to place them neatly on this site, and it ties in well with the House Rules for Tir Avalon.

I have done three different versions of the tables for different methods of playing.  I have done one for Roll20, using the API script to import and export them.  This REQUIRES access to the API, so Pro level members I think.  The second is for table smith.  With the last one being printable for TT game play.

Below you will find the three different options to download each version. 

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