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Time for a Time Out

Hi to those of you that visit, just a short note to let everyone know why I have done nothing lately.  Basically some personal real life stuff got pretty full on, with the Christmas break etc, and then a few weeks ago my mother had a massive heart attack, followed […]

BTS: Random Hit Location

In the mid to late 70s, as D&D was starting out, they (TSR) were already producing supplements to the base game, and in ONE of those books was a brilliant system to add reality to the combats.  When you watch a movie, like Braveheart or Henry V, you see the […]

Friday Forum II

This month’s Friday Forums is on October 26th sees the next Friday Forum discussion.  Below you will find the PDF with the agenda on it to download.  This week we already another of our first community member topic recommendations, but if you have more, please comment below in the field and […]