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When I started in gaming, one of the first things I found were the “Choose your own Adventure” series of books, and then more that copied them and their success later on too.  What I found most interesting was the mechanism, the simplicity of the choices and the story it unfolded. 

I am TRYING to replicate this, but rather than it be a single person’s story, instead I am making this a community vote design.  Highest voted for option is the one played through.  While there is a BASIC story, and a plot, it’s only the choices made my the community that will really drive it along.  As the story continues, each new section will include the choice from the vote prior. 

How Does it Work?

Basically I upload a poll, with the scene it is related to.  Read the scene details, make a choice by voting, and then wait and see.  Most entries I will try and make weekly, though while I am starting off, I will do it fortnightly.  A story is completed when the objective is completed (which is hidden till you find it in the story), or if the hero dies.

The Hero

We have to have a hero for these games, and each one may or may not be the same hero.  Depending upon the story the hero may change.  But each story will have A hero in it.  As we also do more stories, there will be a chance to vote on which hero can do a story line.  Some heroes are male, some females, some spell casters, some fighters.  For now the choice is random, but down the line, this will change and become a vote for situation.


Combat, and everything is done SIMPLY.  Weapons have certain amount of damage, armor sets a value, health is a set value.  A punch does 1 point of damage.  An Axe does 3, as does a sword.  Daggers are 2 points.  So on.  I will detail SOME of these, but TBH, most of the combat will be rolled and managed privately.  The results will be shown on the page.

The Games

Here is the list of current open game(s), and below that are those that have completed and finished.

Current Games

Closed / Past Games


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