DNDSpeak TableSmith Collection – Part II

This is the latest collection expansion from the DNDSpeak tables converted for TableSmith.

I should note, that this was longer than expected, because I am currently working on turning ALL of them into online roll-able tables.  This part II of the collection has been done, and once all the rest are done, and I am again all caught up, they will be made available. 

  • 100 Beach Encounters.tab
  • 100 Demonic Treasures.tab
  • 100 Druidic Treasures.tab
  • 100 Dungeon Graffiti.tab
  • 100 Interesting Bard Instruments.tab
  • 100 Interesting Forest Locations.tab
  • 100 Interesting Shopkeepers and Merchants.tab
  • 100 Items in a Hag’s Lair.tab
  • 100 Low or Non-Magical Plot Twists.tab
  • 100 New Darklords and Domains in the Ravenloft Setting.tab
  • 100 Places To Hide An Item In A Room Without Magic.tab
  • 100 Riddles and Their Answers.tab
  • 100 Royal Family Drama.tab
  • 100 Scary Forest Encounters.tab

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