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Well I went and did something that might help a lot of people who want to run games.  I have decided to run a virtual DM, GM pseudo conference – meeting style gathering for current and future DMs, GMs and or what ever name the game system you play calls that person who runs the game.

These style of forums are the original style more than the modern forums, which is where they get named after.  These forums are about sharing in the community ideas that might help to inspire. 


Each meeting, held in the last Friday of every month, will have a list of topics being discussed posted into a post like this one, that will also have the registration and download for that session.  As a member of the community, I am guessing there are things you would like to talk about, or want the discussion brought up, with that in mind we have a form for the submitting of ideas for discussion after the event information. 


Each session is going to be recorded, only voice however.  It’s audio only partly so people can join in, but also because I have a head for Radio.  If any one person does not wish to be recorded, they will be removed from the audio.  If the majority of those there are okay with it, then that’s how we will do it.


Each session will have a download button at the end of it.  This will go active once any editing has needed to be done, has been.  There will also be a full link to all the downloads in one list available as well.


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