Targeted Gaming: Coming Soon

So just wanted to announce that very soon I will start recording some videos for YouTube about D&D and loads of other stuff.  Mostly gaming.  It is called “Targeted Gaming” because each video will be about 5 mins long, and only on one subject total, and if I can they […]

Fucking with Vegans – Part 1.

I say Part 1, because, well you never know, and if I do make a second or later post, then I am setup now…if not then I am just following the footsteps of Mel Brooks and that’s not bad… Anyway, on to the story.  So this morning I woke up, […]

WG not impressed with CP2077

So, what do you do, when the man who created an entire genre, and sub culture, says that the game you’re releasing is pretty lame?  Nothing YET.  But considering the comments from his “fans” this game seems just right for them.  So what does this mean?  Well I figure if […]

Tuar Deamhan: House Rules

This is where I keep information on the modifications I have made to the base game, to play in my home campaign.  This is also a place to find all the recorded answers to questions, as well as modifications to the game for playing in this game in Tir Avalon.  […]

Beyond the Screen: Pre-Gen Perception checks.

In this article, i will talk about a trick I use to make my GMing world easier to manage, but also helps to immerse the players into the game itself.  Pre-rolling a bunch of Perception Checks, rather than using passive perception all the time.  The Roll20 Experience with doing this […]

Roll20: Prestidigitation Macro

Prestidigitation (much like it’s counterpart Thaumaturgy for Clerics) allows the caster, to affect small changes or effects.  All of them minor, as this is a cantrip level spell.  The following macro for Roll20 is designed to give the caster the options he might find casting the spell, to affect the […]

Roll20: Cure Wounds Macro

I hate heaps of macros, as you might have seen in my other post(s).  But there are some spells that give higher levels of result, by being a certain level, and there needed (in my game) to be a macro that could work for any caster, using Cure Wounds.  So […]

Roll20: Pseudo IF Statement

Roll20 has one problem with the Macro system a LOT of people want fixed.  but it just never seems to happen.  So I literally had to do something… The reason, is I am playing in Roll20 a Werewolf Archer / Assassin.  I had two feats to include, both are -5 […]

Coming Back, and a Magic 8-Ball MkII

I am back, with a new .tab file for TableSmith: The MAGIC 8-BALL MkII.  So, I have been gone a while, both tied up with doing work on TS, as well as playing D&D again (yay!), and just being crap most of the time.  But it has given me some […]

TableSmith : Weather Generator

So I have had a rough few weeks, hence the lack of posting, and the lack of anything, but I have also been getting ready for a 5E game I am starting this Saturday.  But I want to make it as interesting as I can for the players, and their […]

D&D Experience

This was made a while ago, and it is still relevant.  It’s about the experience OF gaming, not the kind you get FROM the game.  It’s a doco about the PEOPLE who game, and not about the game itself, though it does have some very interesting bits and pieces throughout […]

Episode 1 – Fruit Loops and Hover Engines

  ANNCR:   Our intrepid time adventurer sits at a bench, head dejectedly reading another dreary newspaper full of doom and gloom.  Walls going up, prices going up, tempers going up, and nowhere are panties going down.  Jamy does not know it, but he is about to see something that […]

Jamy Cooker: Read Me

This is to be read BEFORE the story is read, and must be said, so that this script can be understood how it was meant to be read. This is MEANT to be read in the style of the old radio serials of the 30’s and 40’s like Buck Rogers.  […]