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Well I went and did something that might help a lot of people who want to run games.  I have decided to run a virtual DM, GM pseudo conference – meeting style gathering for current and future DMs, GMs and or what ever name the game system you play calls […]

BTS: Alignments

Alignments are subjective, and are how they interact with D&D has many people seeing them differently, and so as such in how they act.  Others (like me) use it more as an abstract tool for narration, and as a record of the overall philosophy of the character.  In this article […]

Cyberpunk 2020 Lifestyle Generator

So recently I got to play some Cyberpunk 2020 again, and it has been AGES.  But it’s cool.  I am playing a gunslinger, based on the old west.  A South-African who grew up watching Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer films.  But one of the things that came up in the […]

King’s Ranger Class

I will start out with this:  I am a HUGE Ranger’s Apprentice series of books, all related ones too.  I especially love the “feel” of the Ranger in it, and in Tir Avalon, my home campaign a kingdom is very heavily influenced by not just the feel of the books, […]

Faerie Dragonborn

So this is my first time documenting a race change to the Tir Avalon.  Here are the Faerie Dragonborn, and all the rules you should need to play one, I can always update.  If you have a race you’d like me to do up for giggles, let me know in […]

Tir Avalon Wand Generator v1.0

So recently I published a Harry Potter Wand Generator.  From that I always planned on doing a more D&D specific version, and with a way for it to work in D&D as well.  The system works like this, certain parts of some creatures can be used in the creation of […]

Harry Potter Wand Generator for TableSmith

So this is the first TableSmith tables I have done for general use, and the first of my own in general for a while.  Getting all the DNDSpeak Tables done was full on.  But here is the first one. This is a wand generator for Potterverse fans.  I added some […]

Fucking with Vegans – Part 1.

I say Part 1, because, well you never know, and if I do make a second or later post, then I am setup now…if not then I am just following the footsteps of Mel Brooks and that’s not bad… Anyway, on to the story.  So this morning I woke up, […]

WG not impressed with CP2077

So, what do you do, when the man who created an entire genre, and sub culture, says that the game you’re releasing is pretty lame?  Nothing YET.  But considering the comments from his “fans” this game seems just right for them.  So what does this mean?  Well I figure if […]

Tuar Deamhan: House Rules

This is where I keep information on the modifications I have made to the base game, to play in my home campaign.  This is also a place to find all the recorded answers to questions, as well as modifications to the game for playing in this game in Tir Avalon.  […]

Beyond the Screen: Pre-Gen Perception checks.

In this article, i will talk about a trick I use to make my GMing world easier to manage, but also helps to immerse the players into the game itself.  Pre-rolling a bunch of Perception Checks, rather than using passive perception all the time.  The Roll20 Experience with doing this […]

Roll20: Prestidigitation Macro

Prestidigitation (much like it’s counterpart Thaumaturgy for Clerics) allows the caster, to affect small changes or effects.  All of them minor, as this is a cantrip level spell.  The following macro for Roll20 is designed to give the caster the options he might find casting the spell, to affect the […]

Roll20: Cure Wounds Macro

I hate heaps of macros, as you might have seen in my other post(s).  But there are some spells that give higher levels of result, by being a certain level, and there needed (in my game) to be a macro that could work for any caster, using Cure Wounds.  So […]

Roll20: Pseudo IF Statement

Roll20 has one problem with the Macro system a LOT of people want fixed.  but it just never seems to happen.  So I literally had to do something… The reason, is I am playing in Roll20 a Werewolf Archer / Assassin.  I had two feats to include, both are -5 […]